Model: Sarah Flack

Model: Sarah Flack

You probably started shopping for some new spring collections or even just reinventing a new image, whatever that is,  make sure to be strong enough to turn away to avoid picking certain fabrics, colors, and doing the classically common mistake by taking the wrong size just for the sake of  beauty rather than what actually works for you. Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules for flattering your curves, some general fashion guidelines can help you accentuate your best assets. Here’s how.

1.I’d suggest you draw attention to your waist line, which often is the smallest part of a curvy body, by wearing tops or dresses with fitted waist lines. This is one way to accentuate and by doing so you can flatter a larger bust, hips and bottom.

2.To often I see women sticking to one color from head to toes but I suggest you wear different colors on your top and bottom half. Avoiding a single color creates contrast and flatters curvy figures.

3. Belts, the miracle of  belts, add a belt to a non-belted top. Buy a basic top, such as a tube top, knit top, or long-sleeve blouse. Look for fitted cuts. Tie a thick belt or sash around the top at your natural waist. Wear belted coats or trench coats if you are curvy all over. These coats accentuate your waist and can flatter your curves. Try voiding jackets with buttons.

4.Choose fabrics that fit close to your body, but don’t cling. Stretchy fabrics, such as cotton, work best.

5. You must avoid blouses with patterns running over the entire blouse. Instead go simple by choosing blouses with detail running down the center.

6. According to Singer Mica Paris,  heels are a factor for they help stretch and slim your legs. “Black opaque tights and heels instantly transform your legs and make them look leaner and longer. Platform shoes are much easier to walk in as they have more balance. Wedge heels do, too.”

7. If you are a laid back type of woman that feels comfortable in the casual but still love to look the part, no worries, T-shirts and skinny jeans works for you!  “Slim-cut, long T-shirts worn over skinny jeans and heels is the best casual look for me, says Mica Paris, I buy the T-shirts a size bigger so they skim instead of cling. And if your bum doesn’t look great in skinny jeans, a dress-length T-shirt will hide this problem area.

If you buy a T-shirt with a bold print on the middle, the eye will be drawn to that print and it can create an illusion of a slimmer tum as it has a corset effect. Try American ­Apparel or ASOS for inspiration. Make sure your jeans are dark. I roll mine up and wear ­killer heels for an illusion of length. Add a well-cut blazer to give you a nipped-in waist. I don’t wear ­anything else – and I look slick!”

Big is most definitely beautiful, so make the most of your shape in clothes that really flatter.

Mica Paris

Mica Paris

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