Classic and chic, these plaid prints don’t they make you wish to grace your closet with some? We could not resit to share the hottest street style prints with you guys. Fashion week is surely getting all the best out of the fashionistas. They are looking fantastic and surely inspiring.

If you did not like wearing your prep-school uniform back then or men construction shirts then think again. You can now find a chic and classic way to make this look your own.

Margaret-Zhang-gave-us-fresh-spin-classics-herMargaret Zhang in her houndstooth top and trench.

Source: Tim Regas

Another-day-another-sophisticated-ensemble-from-Nicole-WarneSophisticated ensemble from Nicole Warne in a houndstooth suit.
Aimee-Song-layered-up-shearling-houndstoothAimee Song layered up shearling and houndstooth.
Prep-school-goes-glam-help-plaid-coat-leather-pantsLooking fierce  in a plaid coat and leather pants.

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