posteA bag with history. According to it’s origins, It was in the early twentieth century that the Postman mailbag, made entirely of leather, gradually replaced the old wooden box used to distribute mail. The quality of the leather combined with the ‘saddle stitch’ sewing ensured strength and resilience against time and weather. Even after the arrival of the modern linen and leather mailbag in the 1930s, many postmen preferred to keep their original bag.

The seductive part of these bags was their purpose. As all communication was done by mail, they carried many secret letters for professionals….and lovers. The Postman’s bag was not only strong but romantic.

Now, the author behind this new design inspired by an antique bag is, French-born, Claudine Sorel a Parisian designer who has dedicated her life to art and fashion. In 2007, Claudine founded her first online business, “Les Caprices de Claudine,” specializing in home decoration, with products imported from France and bronze sculptures designed by her.

In 2012, she launched the POSTES line: 100% bespoke handbags, a re-imagining of the traditional all-leather French Postman bag. Now in 2014, Claudine is introducing a new line of POSTES bags, 100% handmade in Manhattan, in a very limited edition series.


The gorgeous and brilliant British actress Hannah Yelland will carry the “Hannah POSTES bag” during the premiere of 478532003the exquisite play “Brief Encounter,” which will be held February 14-23 in Los Angeles and March 29-April 13 in Washington DC at the Shakespeare are Theater.

Find out more: Claudine Sorel

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