In Montreal, we do not have the spring we expected to have at least not yet. We are still shoveling and stuck in our winter coat but nonetheless, it does not stop us to finally say “we’re in Spring.” The arrival of Spring also signifies that summer is right around the corner, and soon we will be drinking a bit more and what is summer without some refreshing drinks in the company of good friends.

Top-10-delicious-summer-drinks_01White Sangria

It don’t only look refreshing it is a perfect drink. You can add as many fruits as you want and it will still be low in calories. Recipe: Linda Wagner

med105744_0710_sangria_vertSummer Fruit Sangria

A pitcher of sangria made with white wine, fruit, and liqueur will get the party started. Recipe: Martha Stewart

Gold+Rush2-11The Gold Rush Cocktail

It is really just a Hot Toddy but served chilled cold. Recipe: Sis Boom

Top-10-delicious-summer-drinks_07Champagne Cocktail

With freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, I’ll drink this all day at the beach or a party, it is a great choice. Recipe: Jamie Olivier

Top-10-delicious-summer-drinks_10Amaretto Sour

Why not try it? or better yet, create your own cocktail and spice it up. Recipe: In the land of spice

1048_15_1390583015_lrgOliver’s twist cocktail

Caliente! Refreshing, sweet and spicy almost sounds like I’m on a island somewhere dancing on a beach. Jazzy! I wouldn’t past the opportunity and take a sip. Recipe: Jamie Olivier

3-ingredients-osteriaRhuby Summer Sling

Just how I love it. If you want to know what I mean. Check out the recipe and after a taste, you’ll be hook. Recipe: edible Allegheny

12677938334_9a4a0c3623_bLilikoi Margarita with Li Hing Mui

I can hear the sound of the beach already and the sound of my friends laughing from a balcony somewhere. Recipe:  The Little Ferraro Kitchen

timthumbWatermelon Sprite

Whether to eat or to squash and drink it is really refreshing. You cannot go wrong with watermelon. Recipe: Recipes2all

Kesariya Thandai.JPGThandai

The good thing about these summer drinks is that it transports your papilla to exotic places that your pupil probably never seen. With millions of drinks and cocktails that exist make sure to enjoy yourself as much as you can and have fun with your friends. Recipe: everyday musing

What is or are your fav drinks and cocktails? 

Do you mind sharing your recipe with us? 


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