“You are never too old to learn a new trick.” says Iconic Supermodel IMAN for her cover feature for SCENE Magazine

Iconic supermodel, and founder of IMAN CosmeticsIMAN is a woman who inspires us daily! IMAN who is one of the most respected supermodel’s of colour in our generation has just been featured on the cover of SCENE Magazine, a fashion and society magazine based in New York. Photographed by Douglas Friedman, the Somali-born model is styled rocking an old school Afro look with some fabulous jewelry and casual looks teaching us that casual is the new trend this season. IMAN looks absolutely gorgeous for a 58 year old mother and sometimes, I think IMANdoesn’t age one bit. She always looks flawless and ageless. In this feature for SCENE MagazineIMAN talks about modelling, creating IMAN Cosmetics, and entrepreneurship. Check out the cover, interview highlights of IMAN and more pictures below.
“Through the years, I’ve learned what works for me,” IMAN tells SCENE Magazine about being photographed during shoots. “Most importantly, I can see in my head the final shot, so the objective is to create something original and modern, to serve the photographer’s vision.” iman1

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