3 Hot Spring Makeup Trends for 2014

A new season always means new lip colors, lip designs, and eye makeup techniques. After some research of what will do this spring, we decided to finally share some of  our top 3 trends this Spring.

 1.  The “Ombre Lip”
The “Ombre Lip” is still pretty much around, it hasn’t disappeared and seems that it won’t anytime soon. The “Ombre Lip” is the blending of different shades of the same color or more than one color.  So, here what you do, start at one end of the lips and blend/fade it down to the opposite end of the lips. Another option is to fade the color from the outside of the lip line to the inside of the lip. Be creative.


2.  Stacked Eyeliner
This method has been around for years but it wasn’t noticeable. Now, due to the fact that colors are fun and much the trend this year just use this method; using a “Base” color such as Black, Brown or Graphite stacked with an accent color such as blue, olive, plum or gold eyeliner to make the eyes pop. For a subtle color stacking affect, add the base color closest to the eyelid line and the pop of color as the outside layer. For a more dramatic effect, add the pop of color closest to the lash line.


3. Lip “Color Blocking”
Your lip color can be used as a “color blocking” technique against either your outfit or the rest of your makeup.  Apply an all over bold color on the top lip and another bold color on the bottom or you can always be daring and create a unique style.


Have Fun and Enjoy!



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