The designer duo of Ankur and Priyanka Modi have developed something of a signature look for their brand AM:PM.

The mood is conservative chic: high necklines, sleek silhouettes and fabrics that skim gracefully over the wearer’s curves without calling too much attention to them.

For spring/summer 2014, they sexed this standard up just a bit, focusing on two erogenous zones — the thigh and the collar bone.

Skirts were slit all the way up the leg, allowing for that distracting flash of skin as the models strode down the runway. Cutout shoulders found their way into the mix, and there was even a single bandeau column dress that added five inches to the model’s height.

The effect was heightened by the choice of tribal accessories: sharp wire-thin accents were added to cuffs and collars, even fused over the bodice of a dress like a metal harness.

Edgy accesories aside, five garments into the show and we were already hit by a sense of déjà vu. The designers chose to forgo creative variety in favour of consistency.

The critical and commercial reactions to their stellar autumn/winter ’13-14 presentation showed the Modis where their niche lay. And they’ve decided to stick with it.

WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi004 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi009 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi015 (1) WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi015 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi016 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi021 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi023 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi025 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi029 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi031 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi034 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi037 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi040 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi043 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi046 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi050 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi052 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi056 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi059 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi060 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi064 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi066 WIFWSS'14Day2Show4aAnkur%26PriyankaModi069

 Source: Vogue India 
Image: Dwaipayan Mazumdar

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