Sultry & Sensual: Beyonce Is Poised Perfection As She Drapes Herself In Fur



Beyonce doesn’t care what anyone has to say about her… not even PETA.

Amid recent comments that she’s a “terrorist, especially in terms of the impact on young girls,” (made by feminist scholar Bell Hooks) Bey is tuning out the world and continuing down her path to world domination. And she’s doing so in fur.

The King recently took to Instagram to share a few stunning black and white photos of herself rocking an exquisite gown that she paired with eye-catching jewelry, all while draped in fur.

In one photo Bey bends her knees slightly, bows her head, and clasps her hands, while what appears to be a white, floor length fur coat steals the show as it accentuates her slim and curvy figure.

This is not the first time Bey has shown her love for fur – she’s worn fur to vegan restaurants, and even while temporarily declaring herself a vegan during last year’s holiday season.

Obviously, Bey’d diet does not dictate her style.

She wouldn’t be the new Beyonce we love if she didn’t get sexy on us, now would she?, Bey – who is wearing a sheer top over her lingerie in one photo- closes her eyes, and becomes one with the camera before sharing an amazing selfie.


Source: Global Grind

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