980537a30be0ef2f3af5065f3e7c8290It’s more than just the little things they do, it’s how much they contribute to our society that matters to them the most, and there you have the explanation of why we decided to come up with KINGZ with a “Z” mind you. They go through things but they sure can pull off a great scarf and some matching shoes if must so we thought necessary to peek into what they do because after all, what is a Queen without her King? Fashion don’t only wear stilettos, oh non, and no, not a tie either it wears fabulousness all on its own for us all. If you are looking to go shopping though, I do not recommend you to a male friend but rather an expert!

We are breaking the rules and allowing our minds to open up and roam in their world and breaking the chains from our first original thought and decided that we will bring you  some eye candies as a treat to you ladies. Respectable, fashionable Kingz so be sure to stay tuned for some treats!

Our BrownKingz are not always behaving in ways we’d wish them to but let’s face it, it is a cold world out there and we celebrate the kingz all over doing it respectfully.

This section of Kingz is dedicated to you fellas. We are different and think differently but their will always be a place for you in our world of fashion, runways, music, arts and whatever good grounds pleases you and that you do.

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