While some really go about what they do and how they do it and blog it out in all do fairness to keeping it real, others pay to get the most out of the media. Nah, not a bad thing if you ask me, these bloggers are paying to have good contents for most of us to enjoy a good read while seeping on some good likes and comments. I guess it’s more of a question of how to project an idea in a more organized way because I tell ya’ll – and that’s pretty much about it. I’m still blanking and a mess in my head but giving up is never a option for success so we won’t stop! As for us, we write our own materials whether it is the best or not as long as we care about what we do with love for you. I just sent out positive vibes. We get better with time in trials and errors anyway.

While browsing, I stumbled upon an almost “tell all” blog by a Secret Blogger, on why she writes sponsored posts. I won’t take away from it so how about you go ahead and read it: The Secret Blogger.

Before I forget, How good of a blogger are you, really? The internet is now filled with a world wide of us writing away with or without a purpose. If I had to generalized, I’d say, A lady’s number one past time nowadays is blogging. But who am I to say? I am no expert on the matter but I see photos on how to, things most love, and videos and videos and I enjoy some so we came up with the idea like few, to share blogs we like along with some youtube videos because we do enjoy taking our time to read what makes you happy and how you keep yourself happy and what makes sense to us because some of you are really good on what you do. If you are a blogger supporting another blogger and enjoy reading a good posts or watching how to videos, don’t go too far, we’ll bring them to you. And if you, you think you are sensible or that good of a fashion blogger or know your products too well,  do not hesitate to share. In the fashion and product junkies world, who are your fav  bloggers? 

-Our first under our Fashionista Files is StylePantry!

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