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Ladies, you know that when it comes to getting inspiration, you must turn to glam expert Style Pantry, right? If you did not hear of her yet now you heard! Aside of having gorgeous hair, her style is known all around the web as she talks about many other finds but don’t ask me visit her site for either the look she has on or her to discover her if you haven’t already…


navy-the-mode-collective-boots-black-celine-bag-yellow-g2000-cardigan_400GARY PEPPER VIINTAGE 

Ouh la la la…Beauty is not what this fashionista is missing. She has style, she has elegance, now I get why SWAG is a word!  For this spring inspiration, check out Nicole Warne, your heart will beat to do it like she. Be uniquely you without a doubt but be inspired and maybe who knows, you’ll be the next on top of the world. To know what I mean, visit her blog and you’ll find out more…

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Tada! Another one on my list of bloggers to fallow, Nadiyah Abdul-Jabbar.To me she is incredible and definitely has a flawless skin. If you are looking for a little bit of everything in terms of fashion, products, fun and food oh and a down to earth girl, this vivacious fashionista as it all. Well, you know me or getting to know me, I won’t take away from their spotlight and let their – in her case her vlog and blog, speak for itself so there – you have it…

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Okay, well, yeah….it is not obvious to choose just one best blogger so we had “BAM” come up with three!! Curvy women are in every shapes and sizes, and there is a lot out there for fatshionable divas but when you don’t take the time to look, you just have a boring closet. But worry no more, we took the time to look it up for you so take a look at these big and beautiful women giving away tips and tricks on how you too can look as fabulous even as a mother and have fun...

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Tangerine-Dream3TRENDY CURVY

Another blogger over here!

Meet Trendy Curvy, Yes, we are doing the curvy Chick once again. Don’t you love it when they exhume confidence in all that they do? If you are still afraid of wearing bright colors, check out her site Trendy Curvy  to understand why and see for yourself what it does to your brownskin and personality! She is beautiful and colorful but nah…you know me, I do not like to give it away that easy so see for yourself and get summer ready…

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